Thursday, 19 September 2013

Subjects This Semester


    Today, I want to tell a story about my subject this semester. Let start from the core subject which is BEL 311. BEL 311 stand for English for Academic Purpose. The credit hours for this subject is 3 credit hours. But the interaction between me and the lecturer is 6 hours per week. Next, the assessment is 30% for term paper, 15% for speaking and lastly is online quiz, 15%. My first impression for this subject is one of the difficult subject to score A. I never score A for this subject and I have to work hard on it to achieve my gold which is to score A. My lecturer’s name is Mr. izuan Bin Ismail. He is the only man lecturer who had teach me this subject. He is a tall guy and wearing spectacles. With his spiky hair and beautiful spectacles, it makes he look awesome.

   The next subject is ECO 211 stands for Macroeconomics. If I failed this subject, I have to repeat this paper until I pass. Macroeconomics is about studies the economy as a whole or deals with the aggregate. The credit hours for this subject is 3 credit hours. So, I only meet my lecturer for 3 hours. The assessment is 10% for online quiz, 20% test 1 and 10% for assignment. So,the total marks for this assessment is 40%. My impression for this subject is easy to understand but hard to score. This subject have related with Microeconomics. I only get C+ for this subject. My lecturer name is Mrs. Diana Binti Mazan. She is the most beautiful lecturer that I ever had. Besides that, she will make my classmates and I understand what that she teach us.

   CTU 241 stand for Fundamental of Islamic Economic. In semester 3, we are been introduce to the subject in Islamic Economic such as “faraid”. It is important because all activities in daily life is about economic  activity. So, we learn to related this subject with Islamic. The credit hours for this subject is 2 credit hours. The assessment is 15% for test 1, 15% for assignment and 20% for presentation. The total mark for the assessment is 50%. My first impression for this subject is easy to understand and to score A. Besides that, this is my favourite subject because it relate in our daily life So, I enjoyed to learn this subject. My lecturer name is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadil. She is the most talkative lecturer. Everything she said have a beautiful meaning for me and my classmates.

    The next subject is QMT 181. It is stand for Introduction to Statistic. It is the group of methods used to collect, analyze, present and interpret data and to make decisions. The credit hours for this subject is 3 credit hours and it is core subject. This subject use a theory and calculation. The assessment is 5% for quiz, 30% for test  1 and test 2. So, the total marks is 40%. My first impression is easy to understand but hard to realize the main point. Furthermore, this subject have related to additional mathematics because it used a draft and paper graph. My lecturer name is Mrs. Norani Binti Amit. She is a tall woman and have a beautiful face. Even though we have a difficulties to understand this subject, she will repeat until me and my classmates understand this subject very well.

   MGT 296 ( Business Communication). The subject contains how to communicate properly, to writing a letter, grooming and another else. The credit hours is 3 credits hours. Next, the assessment is  60% for assignment while 40% for final examination. Business Communication is about how to communicate in business very well. Our lecturer have teach us to familiar with this situation by making public speaking. She wants us to be brave while speaking in front general public. My first impression for this subject is the most difficult subject for this semester. I’m weak to speak in English. My lecturer’s name who teach us for this subject is Miss Fazlin Natasha binti Abdul Halim.

   The next subject is TPT 252. It is stands for Principles and Practices in Transport. This is the main subject for our course. Besides that, we have to pass this subject to prevent us from repeat this paper again next semester. The credit hours for this subject is 3 credit hours. The assessment is 30% for test, 10% for the quizzes and 60% for the final examination. My first impression is easy to understand because this subject related with our daily life. My lecturer’s name for this subject is Leftenant Colonel Mohd Ramzi bin Haji Mohd Nur(B).

   The last subject is HBU 132. It is stands for Civil defense III. I have to take this subject for 3 semester. So, this is the last semester for me to take this subject with me. Next semester I don't have any co-curriculum anymore. The credit hours for this subject is 1 credit hours. The assessment  for this subject is 40% for assignment meanwhile 60% for the final examination. My first impression is hard to follow the rule but easy to score A. my lecturer's name is Mr. Zul Candra. He is a tall and a kind person. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

About Myself

   My name is Muhammad Azri bin Ruslin. I am nineteen years old. I was born in 9th may 1994 at Hospital Pasir Mas, Kelantan. I lives there only for a few month then my family and I move to Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor. My first primary school is SK Methodist, Klang. Then my family and I move to Pulau Indah because of my father's job. In 2002, I continue my study at SK Pulau Indah until standard five. I have to move back to my old house because my father pass away. I continue my standard six at my old school which is SK Methodist. My secondary is SMKA section 18, Shah Alam started from form one until form four. I take SPM examination in SMK Taman Pasir Putih, Johor Bharu. I did not get an excellent result in SPM but I felt very lucky because I can continue my study. Now, I study in UiTM Segamat, Johor in Business Study Transport.

   Now, I want to tell a story about my family. My father's name is Ruslin bin Abdul Rahman. In 2005, he had a Leukaemia and passed away at 4th April 2005. Before he pass away, he had did a good job as a good leader in my family. He worked for Custom from 1987 to 2004. Because of my father disease, he had to retired early. My mother's name is Norlela binti Osman. After a year my father's died, she had a danger disease which is Septicaemia and passed away at 9th March 2006. Before she passed away, she worked as a teacher in SK Pelabuhan Klang from 2000 until 2006.My father was born at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan while my mother was born at Singapore. Next, my eldest sister is Fatin Nazihah binti Ruslin. She was born in year 1990 in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang. She graduate her diploma in Accounting at UiTM Larkin, Johor.My brother's name is Khairul Faiz bin Ruslin. He was born in year 1992 in the same hospital with my sister. Now he study in College Islam Malacca.

  Besides that, I love sport very much. In secondary school, I played football, rugby, volleyball, handball and athletic for my school. Rugby was my favourite sport because this sport need a strong mentality and physical. In 2010, I become an athletes in annual sport at my school. In track, i won 100 metres, 200 metres and 4x100 metres while in field I only win pulling rope with my friends. I won 4 gold and officially become athlete for my school annual sport in 2010. Next, I have indoor and outdoor hobby. When I free, I'll play football with my cousin on the field in front of my grandmother's house and swimming at sport complex with my friends. One of my favourite indoor hobby is playing computer games. Everyday, I'll play computer games with my cousin

  Furthermore, I like to share my favourite foods and drinks. I love to eat spicy food but because of my appendix, I can't eat spicy food frequently. One of my favourite spicy food is 'Ayam masak sambal' cooked by my grandmother. She always cook delicious food for her grandchildren. My favourite food is 'Nasi Lemak'. My grandmother always cook 'Nasi Lemak' because she knows that was my favourite food. Next, my favourite drink is 'Bandung Soda'. Everytime I went to mamak stall, I will drink my favourite drink. When I came to the same stall which is Restoran Ahmad Khan, the stall's worker know my favourite drink.

   Lastly, my ambition is to become a rugby player for our nation. I work hard to become a profesional rugby player since I was in secondary school. Because my hand and leg injured, I think I have to change my ambition. Besides that, I had continur my study in business study in transport and I had changed my ambition which is to become a profesional businessman in the world. This time I have to work more harder to achieve my ambition. I think thats all that I could shared.